Incomplete Projects

Table of Contents:
  • Clover - Star Rod - Hacking Tool
  • Nelde - New Paper Mario - Texture Pack
  • RobiNERD - Texture Replacer - Hacking Tool
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    Clover's Tool
    Tool Name: Star Rod
    Release Date: TBA

    Star Rod's Progress:

    Features supported include:
  • Map Editor
  • Script Editing
  • MIPS Assembler
  • String Editing
  • Texture Editing
  • Custom Sprites and Animations
  • Direct ROM Patches

  • Features in progress include:
  • Example Mod (source files used to create it will be included)

  • Up-to-date information: Origami 64 - Star Rod

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    Nelde's' Texture Pack
    Pack Name: New Paper Mario
    Release Date: TBA

    Description: Nelde's texture pack is a recreation of all the sprites, animations, and textures from the original Paper Mario 64 game in full HD. To clarify, this is not a hack. It is a texture pack that will mask the orignal images from the game with HD recreations along with some of Nelde's own personal twists on some of the characters.

    Tumblr account: New Paper Mario

    DeviantArt account: New Paper Mario

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    RobiNERD's Tool
    Tool Name: TBA
    Release Date: TBA

    Description: A useful tool to modify textures without knowing addresses (linked to texture addresses on an Origami thread so any new address will be implemented automatically). YAY0 compression and decompression is already in the tool. RobiNERD is also working on adding an add character option to be able to add custom text characters into the rom's data.

    Texture address info: Origami64 - Texture Addresses for Paper Mario

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