Paper Mario Hacking Forum: Origami64


Downloadable Files:
To save a file right click it and click "Save Link As."
  • PM64: Text Tables (by Justin Aquadro)
  • PM64: Text Dump (Best if viewed in Notepad++)
  • PM64: Labeled Areas and XML Data File (by Luigi1er)
  • PM64: Enemy XML Data File (by Luigi1er)
  • PM64: Music/Track List (by Luigi1er)
  • PM64: Interactive Objects (by Luigi1er)
  • PM64: Mostly Complete Save File (.fla format)

  • Informational Links:
  • PM64: Hacking Wiki (Origami64 Wiki)
  • PM64: Hex Editing (by CrashingThunder)
  • PM64: General Hacking Information (by Luigi1er)
  • PM64: Item IDs/Useful Hex Locations (by Hiryuu) (Backup File)
  • PM64: YAY0 Compression/Decompression (Texture Editing) (by RobiNERD)
  • PM64: Known Texture Addresses
  • PM64: Interavction Object Hacking (by RobiNERD with major help from Luigi1er) (Backup File)
  • PM64: Sound Effect Manipulation (by Luigi1er) (Backup File)
  • Clover is hard at work!


    While not many projects are being worked on at the moment, Clover is working to provide us with an extraordinary hacking tool that will be needed for creating the first full fledge custom Paper Mario 64 adventures including a creative story, custom attacks, custom npc characters, and even a custom new world to explore with never before seen areas. Click on the Incomplete Projects tab for more information.